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{Men-Women} Best Perfume Brands In Pakistan in 2023

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A pleasant scent makes someone more attractive and reveals their personality. Fragrances are becoming a necessary component of our apparel due to the proliferation of body care products. It lessens bodily odor and raises one’s mood so one can work in their office or go to an event.

For both women and men, perfume is a component of everyday hygiene. However, some individuals believe that males can only use perfume. This is incorrect since Pakistani perfume companies only market to women.

Nowadays, more Pakistani perfume companies are entering the market, making it somewhat challenging to select the best one. We have compiled a list of the top perfume brands for women and men. Let’s begin each one individually.

Best Perfume Brands In Pakistan in 2023

Below are some of the best perfume brands in Pakistan that you can get quickly and charm your personality by removing lousy body odor. 

Best Perfume Brands In Pakistan For Males in 2023

Men often leave the house for work, business, or other reasons in everyday life. Therefore, they have a far greater demand for scent than women do. Furthermore, the perfume they frequently use impacts their personality and gives them a self-assured appearance that matches their public face.

Here, we’ve gathered a list of some of Pakistan’s top fragrance manufacturers that are also easily accessible and reasonably priced.

J (Junaid Jamshaid) Deodorants

It’s a fantastic opportunity to experience J perfumes’ recently introduced goods if you’re new to the brand and have yet to try them. You may discover many different fragrances and scents, not just one or two. They are the first choices for those who wish to explore appealing and long-lasting scents.

They are constantly battling to offer new items to satisfy their customers and the currently launched ones. They presently have five of the most well-liked scents available, which are listed below, for that reason;

  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Topaz
  • Emerald
  • Citrine


Bergamot, tangerine, apple, vanilla, amber, and musk are the significant components of Junaid Jamshed perfumes.

Bonanza Satrangi Perfumes

One of the top perfume brands in Pakistan is Bonanza Satrangi. They have a powerful and pleasing aroma because they are constructed of delicate floral scents. It’s astonishing how reasonably priced they are and how simple it is to get them in big cities.

They have introduced a wide variety of scents. But I like “Wanted” brand perfumes. And the reason for this is their fragrant freshness, which results from the presence of particular flora.


The product is made up of Pine apple, lemon oil, Pink pepper, AmberGris, etc.

Scents And Stories

If we discuss the most incredible perfume brand before discussing it, it will be our bad luck. The Scents and Stories brand entered the local market to produce a range of people’s choices. The aroma was perfect for a niche perfume when I initially purchased it. 

It is elegant and definitely out of the ordinary. The spray has a considerably finer mist than any other bottle I’ve ever had. I’ve always found it fascinating how some smells conjure up so many memories in a split second. And when I smelled it, I believed it was crafted just for me. In every manner, this perfume is ideal, and I now wear it exclusively.


The fragrance of Scents and Stories is due to Citrus notes of Bergamot, Grapefruit, and Orange Blossom. 

Dirham Perfumes

One of Pakistan’s top fragrance manufacturers is Dirham Ard Al Zaafaran. It is for both men and women, but I’ve placed it here as they are more probable for guys. The scent of this perfume by Ard Al Zaafaraan Pakistan is light and flowery, with some undertones of the wood.

The perfume bottle has a stunning bottle and an excellent design so that you may offer it as a present to someone really special. There are just a handful of sprays that may be used once and last for up to a day.


In its composition, it contains roses, jasmine cedar, and sandalwood. All of these components make it fresh, flowery, and bright.

Saeed Ghani Perfumes

An established cosmetic company focused on nature, Saeed Ghani fragrances is known for its high-quality goods. This brand was created in the subcontinent in 1888 and has remained a well-known perfume brand ever since.

The Saeed Ghani brand is the best option if you seek a solid fragrance with exquisite scents. It is time to talk about a few of Saeed Ghani fragrances’ most recent and well-liked scents.

  • Dunhill Desire

Despite being very well-liked, Dunhill Desire is relatively inexpensive and is available for less than 100 PKR. The item is so adaptable that it can be used in both hot and humid climates.

  • Attars

This is the Saeed Ghani Brand’s second most reputable and well-known product type. In addition to Attars, you can also find Mushk and other non-alcoholic fragrances here.


The fresh scent of Saeed Ghani fragrances is due to the mixture of citrus fruits and flora. It includes fresh roses, Gardenia, freesia, lemon, and lily, which produce an elegant refreshing aroma. 


Best Perfumes In Pakistan For Ladies in 2023

It is a well-known fact that Pakistani women are significant consumers of fragrances. By using a strong perfume, they want to mask their body odor and increase their appeal to their job. We know that wearing strong perfume outside is against Islamic law for women. 

Some perfume companies cater specifically to women because of this. We’ve included a few popular perfume companies below for women. It will be helpful to you.

Bonanza Satrangi (Falak)

They are a group of exotic scents with tones of fruit, flowers, and a combination of oceanic elements. Top brands of female fragrances include Bonanza Satrangi. After wearing it, you’ll have a trip to the traditional paradise of aromas.

The company has introduced several scents, so its customers may select one that suits their preferences and financial constraints. There is a variety of hues, from light to dark tones. Over a hundred distinct Bonanza Satrangi brands are available. However, in this case, we advise one or two to ensure you are paying enough.

  • Falak

Although there are other everyday wear necessities for women like “Precious” and “Charisma,” I personally like Falak for any occasion or event. Falak by Bonanza Satrangi is a seductive scent that might provide the ideal scent you’re looking for. All fragrances cost less than 5000 Pakistani rupees.

Composition Of Bonanza Satrangi Scents

Bonanza Satrangi is a soothing aroma of raspberry, strawberry, peach, and plum, making it a unique spellbinding scent to freshen up your day. 

Khaadi Perfumes (Orange Bloom)

Despite the several perfume brands available, Khadi has become quite well-known domestically and abroad. The scents’ packaging is cheery, modern, and energizing. The company has unveiled a new line of spring and summer scents that gives conventional Pakistani perfume aromas a contemporary spin. Although all of the Khadi fragrances are excellent, Orange Bloom is more favored than the others.

  • Orange Bloom

The end result will make your day happier, especially in the afternoons, with its triumphant universe of exquisite fruit bursts and pure vanilla. Even if the perfume’s container is plain, everything else about it—including the pricing, packaging, and aesthetics—is flawless. For individuals who want a fruity, zesty scent, it is perfect.


In its composition, Orange Bloom contains sweet orange, Gardenia, orange tree, musk, and amber. Moreover, the base note of musk and amber goes perfectly with sweet orange.

J J Perfume (Bloom Pour Femme)

One of the Pakistani fashion companies to begin the path of wearing perfumes that suit your tastes is J fragrances. The brand, well-known worldwide for its pleasant scent, is steadily building a name for itself. They have also launched items for women, so their offerings are not just limited to guys.

The fragrance’s aroma is uncontrolled and forever open like the portals of the soul—a range of odors, from summertime florals to fragrant, somewhat medicinal clothing. Although there are many possibilities and a broad spectrum, I want to focus on Bloom Pour Femme for a moment.

  • Bloom Pour Femme

2018 saw the debut of the flowery fragrance J Pour Femme for ladies. The ideal scent for your vanity decor is perfume. It comes in a bottle with a floral pattern. The bottle’s color may vary, but the overall design is the same.

While casting a soft, feminine glance, Bloom Pour Femme also leaves a delectable aroma in its wake. The item may be your best choice for an everyday workplace appearance. It is a contemporary work of flower art. The company suggests putting perfume on pulse points, including the neck, wrist, and area behind the ears.


It contains fresh floral, musky, citrus, peony, rose, floral, fruit, and other ingredients.

Waseem Badami Perfume (Sweet Fantasy)

WB by Hemani Herbals was established in 1949 and subsequently developed into a global perfume brand. Their fragrances have a light, delicate aroma and include floral and sweet elements. They are unique for special events and nights out when you feel fancy.

Waseem Badami is the best option for those seeking a powerful scent since they have a poor sense of smell. WB fragrances have a pleasant floral scent as opposed to other perfumes, which occasionally have a citrus scent. Check out my review of Sweet Fantasy here.

  • Sweet Fantasy

The target audience for this scent is modern females. Despite being a classic, they may wear it in any setting. For females who adore a traditional feminine touch in their clothing, sweet fantasy is ideal.

This is an elegant container with Swarovski crystals that contains a love potion. Fantasy smells sweet and seductive. After a shower, it smells like you’re strolling through a flower garden. Avoid using sweet fantasy in large amounts if you want to maintain its delicate scent.

Composition Of Sweet Fantasy

It is a fruity mixture of litchi, golden quince, jasmine, white chocolate, musk, and wood. 


Tom Ford Perfume ( Velvet Orchid Lumiere)

Velvet Orchid is Tom Ford’s most recent offering in the women’s fragrance category. It continues the tradition of a flamboyant and glitzy floral trademark that creates a distinctive personality and ambiance.

Investing in the fragrance that best fits your personality makes sense because they are highly sought-after scents in the cosmetic business. Tom Ford is one of the top brands since each of his fragrances is made exceptional and striking in its magnificent manner. 

Each Tom Ford fragrance leaves a distinctive and lingering perfume on the skin, from the dark Black Orchid to the ultra-feminine Velvet orchid.

  • Velvet Orchid Lumiere

Velvet Orchid, one of Tom Ford’s most recognizable scents, is housed in exquisitely crafted bottles. The world’s most coveted and adored scent is this one. The opulent scent is offered in concentrations under 100 cc in dark purple bottles with iconic Tom Ford designs.

It has a floral scent that screams refinement and class. You will experience the aroma you deserve after wearing it.

Composition Of Velvet Orchid

The fragrance opens itself with Bergamot, Mandarin, and honey, giving an imaginary accord of black orchid mixed with velvet orchid. In addition to rose oil, jasmine, orange bloom, and vanilla are also present.

The Bottom line

We have included the top scents for both men and women in this guide. Everyone has a distinctive aroma that may draw people to them. Every person has individual tastes and a signature they like to use. You can select the one that most closely matches your personality.

If it’s a formal occasion or a regular workday, some people choose to wear a strong perfume since they have poor senses of smell. Once more, it relies on one’s decisions and ability to manage their money.

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